Elyssa Hanyosai

The current Hanyosai, a human female whose personal identity and memories were erased upon entering the duty. The reasons why she was chosen for the job are unknown, but having the chaotic Troketere -containing crystal sealed inside her might have played a role.

Meero Rezo

Growing up as the only cub of the most feared person in The Sea Nation has left this juvenile ereedun with a conveniently varying set of ethics, wits and a gigantic ego.

He lost himself in a gamble to the the Ultimate Ruler of Aquans and the Universe, Daimon, and has been running away ever since.


A mana walker that follows Elyssa and Meero around. Has a shell of black steel, presumably acuired from the Troketere incident. Why it looks like that, only it knows.


Kerlek Four Swords

Kerlek Four Swords is the wielder of the elemental swords. There's four of them. Having been bestowed with the swords when he was young, he has grown to be the designated hero of Aichaarun.

Aee'u Welder

Does not care what you think.

Ai Troponav

A gentle aksolotorum who runs a private clinic in the lower ring of Aichaarun. Has studied the medical applications of black steel extensively, and is forced to keep a low profile for this reason.


Warchief Marnek

Dictator of Marnek hold. Doesn't trust any of his underligs enough to delegate anything, so all of The Desert Nation's dealings go through him.


This gruff commander is in charge of training the recruits and overseeing the repetitive skirmishes against the nearby mountain tribes. Out of duty, he's the Warchief's left hand person, doing whatever that needs doing.

Seems to lack the Ereedun ability to recover unnaturally fast from injuries.

Alaran the Fire Weaver

As the adopted heir of Warchief Marnek himself and the wielder of inexplicable powers, Alaran has embraced his role as the most prized warrior of The Desert Nation completely. Be it a battle or a mundane border duty, he will fulfill his warchief's commands with joy.

While he can create and control fire with his fingertips, he cannot redirect the generated heat. As a result of that, he prefers to control the flames with his swords to keep himself from burning.


Daimon, the Lord of Aquans and the U.n.i.v.e.r.s.e.

They say he's the richest person in Kalduras. He bought his position - and the title.

Meero gambled against him with the bet "anything you want", and lost.

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